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About Us

Guy G. DeAngelis N.D., Ph.D.
  Naturopathic Doctor

Beth Zigler RN
  CranioSacral, Reiki II 
  Practitioner, Herbology &  
  Detoxification Educator

Anne Marie Meshanko M.A.

  Reiki Master Teacher & Healer

Karen Kiener
  Certified Health Coach

Amy Buenning, LMT
  Licensed Massage Therapist

Dena E. Johnston RN, MSN, CCT
  Certified Clinical Thermographer

David Kuhn, LMT, CFT
  Licensed Massage Therapist,   
  Certified Fitness Coach

Meet the Center for Alternative Medicine, LLC Independent Practitioners

Come enjoy a welcoming, healing environment with independent, caring practitioners dedicated to helping you improve your health and wellbeing.

With services like naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, healthy lifestyle coaching, reflexology, Reiki, and so much more, the Center is helping many people to reduce stress, lose weight, improve sleep, clear toxins, and eliminate digestive issues. Come to the Center for Alternative Medicine to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

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Guy G. DeAngelis N.D., Ph.D.


Center for Alternative Medicine
aturopathic and Integrative Medicine 


Dr. Guy G. DeAngelis is a naturopathic doctor whose practice is dedicated to helping individuals lead healthy, vibrant lives. He lives the naturopathic tenet of “doctor as teacher” every day by educating patients about the root causes of their health challenges and instructing them in ways they can support their body’s own innate healing abilities to return them to wellness.

Sincere and caring, Dr. Guy offers each patient unhurried one-on-one attention taking time to get to know the person as well as the health concern. His recommendations for therapies and lifestyle modifications are carefully developed to specifically meet each individual’s needs. His practice is distinguished from many by his interest and research in evidence-based natural therapies.

In addition to a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, he also holds a doctorate in Philosophy and actively participates in continuing education to expand his skills in alternative medicine modalities.

A member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, and registered healer of the International Natural Healers Association (INHA), International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), International Association of Sound Therapy (IAST), Health Keepers Alliance (HKA), American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC).


Beth Zigler, RN


CranioSacral and Reiki II Practitioner,
 Herbology & Detoxification Educator

Beth Zigler has been a nurse for over 30 years, the last 15 of which she worked in Hospice care. Just over 2 years ago she injured herself during the care of a client, and had to step back from nursing and re-evaluate her options.

While recovering, Beth discovered Reiki, a practice of care that allows loving energy to flow through the practitioner to the client for self-healing. She felt instantly drawn to Reiki and became certified in Reiki I and II.

Following her passion for holistic healing she continued her education and became certified in CranioSacral Therapy as well as Herbology & Detoxification Education.

Beth has achieved degrees and certifications from the Miami School of Nursing, Sandusky School of Practical Nursing, The Upledger Institute, The Reiki Center, and the Institute for Holistic Health Careers. She is continuing her education at the Institute for Holistic Health Careers and is currently studying Polarity, and this fall will study Aromatherapy.

Beth is excited about beginning her practice at The Center for Alternative Medicine because it welcomes you into a beautiful, peaceful space with the intention of providing loving healing in mind, body and spirit.


Anne Marie Meshanko, M.A.

Soul Steps
Reiki Master Teacher & Healer

I teach workshops and seminars and also work personally and intuitively with individuals respecting each person’s space and unique journey. Each of us can heal ourselves as we walk in our own footsteps creating our own reality–always conscious that other energies do interact with ours (positively or negatively) depending on the degree of our coherence and consciousness.

Twenty + years of intuitive experience and exploration, writing, studying, interactive teaching, lecturing, and working with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional transformation.

MA in Theology–University of Dayton, Reiki Master–teacher/practitioner, Cranial-sacral training

Teach at wellness centers, write articles for publication, appear on TV, speak at retreats, work in several states while maintaining a working space for Quantum Transformation and Reiki in Columbus, Ohio. Study life through the eyes of my five children and grandchildren - my greatest teachers.


Karen M Kiener

New Leaf Healthy Lifestyles, LLC.
Certified Health Coach

Karen Kiener is a Certified Health Coach who provides encouraging coaching and workshops for people who want to live healthier lives. She "walks the talk" of a healthy lifestyle and can share with you her own story of improved health, energy, and wellbeing.

Karen coaches clients to success in a many areas including achieving a healthier weight, how to easily make better food choices, cooking healthy meals, ways to get more exercise into busy lives, reducing the harmful effects of stress and much more.

Prior to health coaching, Karen followed a path many others have in gaining a B.A. in Communication and working in marketing and sales. Her experience in work environments ranging from small business to Fortune 500 corporations means she has personal knowledge of the work-life balance challenges so many people struggle with today in trying to lead a healthy life.

Karen chose to train for her health coaching certification with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute because their curriculum addresses all aspects of wellness, not just nutrition, and it's backed by science. 

On her own journey to living a healthier life Karen found she loved sharing in the joy and excitement of friends who'd also made healthy changes. That's what led her to health coaching - she found a genuine love for helping others discover that living a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyable and life-changing.
Contact Karen today. You absolutely can make lasting changes to achieve a long, healthy and happy life for many years to come.


Amy Buenning, LMT

Amy's Place at the Center for Alternative Medicine
Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy Buenning, LMT has over 9 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist for the State of Ohio.  She graduated Valedictorian from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio.

Amy Buenning is trained and has experience in Swedish relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, Neuro-Muscular therapy, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology. She has worked with people from all walks of life - from professional athletes to children!

Her energy work consists of a combination of Reiki, Therapeutic touch, Qi balance, Intuitive reading, and Acupressure based on the specific needs of the client.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Amy's Place at the Center for Alternative Medicine, 614-537-8438, amys.placeCAM@yahoo.com.


Dena E. Johnston RN, MSN, CCT

Ohio Infrared Health, Breast & Body Thermography
Certified Clinical Thermographer


Dena received her Bachelors degree in Biology and Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University. She then carried on her long family tradition of nursing, and earned her RN from The Ohio State University. She has worked in the Emergency Department for the past 12 years. She also went on to complete the Nurse Practitioner Masters degree program at The Ohio State University, with a focus on Adult Health. 

Hearing too many tragic stories of young women being diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as sadly watching local women in the media lose their battle with breast cancer, Dena wanted to find a safe way to take charge of her own breast health. What she found was Thermography, but there were no places locally that offered this early detection screening. Dena decided it was time to educate herself on this important subject. She attended the American College of Clinical Thermology and became a Certified Clinical Thermographer. She now performs breast screenings on women of all ages. Dena also provides half and full body imaging for men and women for total body wellness.


David A. Kuhn

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Fitness Trainer

(740) 516-7845


David is a massage therapist licensed through both Ohio State Medical Board and the State Of West Virginia Massage Therapy Licensure Board. Currently he is a member of the Washington State Community college advisory committee (Massage Therapy Program) and also a certified fitness trainer through International Sports Science Association (ISSA). David is excited to be part of the Center for Alternative Medicine family. He knows very well the importance of a well-balanced life because like many others he has had medical/family issues to overcome and learn to live with. Sometimes life just happens and when it does we need to choose the healthy approach to care. Your muscle/my concern that is the motto David follows. It is his desire to help you have the most complete healthy muscle tissue possible. He will work with you as your massage therapist, muscle therapist or fitness trainer. Currently David is specializing in rapid muscular pain relief of the lower body by working more directly with the nervous system. During each session, he will thoroughly check each area of your lower body to locate any painful or tight places. Resets are performed for any dysfunctional muscles. The resets allow the muscles to return to a healthy state.


Wendy Lowe

Willowe Skin Care


Skincare is Serious Business, but your experience should be personable. I have used all the professional products that I offer in my services and for sale.

Willowes Skin Care facials include cleanse, peel, mask, moisturizer. Steam and hot towels are used and extractions, High Frequency, Vaccum are included. Hand and Foot massages are offered  during the mask. These are not add on upgrades but based on your treatment may be used.

There are other tools that can be used including Clarisonic. Add On protocols are available using Dermafile for deep exfoliation and Ultrasonic Spatula For extractions and product penetration. 

A Natural Difference Skincare is the primary skin care line used. A Natural Difference does not allow online sales so please come in to see me about their speciality products. I also apply Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

The Aromatherapy services I offer include Hot Rockin Sweet Feet, AromaTouch Technique, and an essential oil facial. Full list of services can be found on Schedulicity  Https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/WSCYQK#/services Or StyleSeat.com/wendy-willowes.

I will be opening on, or before, May 22 at the Center for Alternative Medicine located in the Oakstone Office Park located on Cleveland Ave just south of 270 at 2531 Oakstone Drive Suite A room 5. I will offer all clients of any practitioner at the Center for Alternative Medicine 50% off their first treatment booked with me. 


Assisting you in attaining your personal goals!

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